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Farmer Story

Grown in Texas

Ryan's grandfather and great-grandfather started their farm in Texas in 1919. Since then the farm has evolved and grown to encompass more than 1900 acres and has been a staple producer of Texas wheat.


Ryan's extensive knowledge of wheat farming has been passed down through multiple generations of family, giving him the expertise to understand just what the land needs to thrive and how to grow the highest quality Texas wheat.


"Customers know that when they go buy this product off the shelf they are getting a good, safe, healthy product that they can enjoy with their family." -- Ryan. 

Milled in Texas

Miller Story

We are convinced that no one makes better flour than a small town Texas flour mill. Our flour is milled in the heart of wheat country, nestled among endless rows of wheat, in the small town of Dawn, Texas.


The Dawn mill has been operating for over 30 years. It is farmer owned and many of the employees have been there for their entire career. Experience, tradition, and integrity are evident in the millers as they fill each bag of flour with care.

The Dawn mill has produced premium baking flours for professional bakeries throughout Texas. Texas Pure Milling builds off the history and expertise of the Dawn mill to create a line of flours that you can use at home.  


Texas Pure Milling brand is a symbol of the pride that farmers, millers, and H-E-B have for our great state of Texas.​​

Baking Story

As a seasoned professional pastry chef, there was nothing more important than having consistently perfect flour in the bakeshop. Every single day the dough needed to raise to make the pastries. The texture needed to be right. My customers expected it.  I demanded it. I must admit, I was and still am particular about the flour I allowed in my bakery and home.

When I first started using Texas Pure Milling flours and baking mixes at home, I was completely impressed.  The professional-grade quality found in some of the finest bakeries across the country was now available right in my family’s kitchen...


No matter what I’m baking, it is perfect with this flour!  Even more impressive to me, is seeing that this flour supports the hard-working good men and women on Texas farms.

 –Chef Stephanie. 20 years as a professional chef, Blog Author, and Recipe Developer for Texas Pure Mills


Baked in Texas

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