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Great Granny's Chocolate Cake

Memorial Day weekend means spending time with the family. It's time to honor those who gave their lives for their country. Nothing says family pot-luck like Great Granny's Chocolate Cake. You know the one? The rich, moist cake that your Mom made for every family gathering. The cake recipe that her mom gave her... Even if your family doesn't have that recipe, we're gonna share ours.

Start the tradition that will say more than words could ever express. Great Grandma's Chocolate Cake is sweet remembrance of simple times and unconditional love. It's a taste that endures, just like love. One bite, and sweet remembrance. You're instantly transported back in time to simpler times. Grandma's cake was there.

One bite, and sweet remembrance. You can almost feel your sweet Grandma kissing you on the forehead at the ranch house.

Grandma's cake was there.

One bite, and sweet remembrance. You can see the farewell party for your uncle Ray heading off to the war.

Grandma's cake was there.

One bite, and bitter-sweet remembrance. You can see the family at Ray's after funeral dinner.

Grandma's cake was there. One bite, and sweet remembrance. You are in the present, making memories and cherishing what it means to be together for Memorial Day. As they all gather today they say, "Thank you uncle Ray! We honor you."

Make sure grandma's cake is there.

Great Granny’s Chocolate Cake

1 cup baking cocoa 1 cup vegetable oil 4 eggs 2 cup milk 1 Tbsp. vanilla 3 cups sugar 4 cups Texas Pure Milling Baking Mix


  • Combine the cocoa, shortening, eggs, milk, water and vanilla. In a separate bowl. Combine the wet ingredients with the baking mix, stirring by hand about 100 strokes (by machine about 3 minutes). Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

  • Sheet Cake: Grease a 9x13 cake pan. Pour cake batter into the pan and spread out. Bake for 30-35 minutes.

  • Cake: Grease and flour 2 9-inch cake pans. Divide batter evenly between the pans. Bake for 20-25 minutes.

  • Cupcakes: Divide batter between 2 dozen cupcakes. Bake 15-18 minutes.

The frosting for this cake is a partially cooked fudge frosting. It's simple to make using powdered sugar and baking cocoa, but is made thicker by the addition of chocolate chips melted into the frosting at the end. The resulting fudge frosting sets up on the cake so it is easy to slice. Just be sure to let it cool completely at room temperature before trying to frost cake, or it will slide down the sides. We like it drizzled like it is.

Chocolate Fudge Glaze

3 1/2 cups powdered sugar 1 cup baking cocoa 3/4 cup very hot water (more or less water depending on how thick you want the glaze) 2 tsp. vanilla

12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips


  • In a large bowl, combine the powdered sugar, baking cocoa and 1/2 cup hot water and vanilla. Stir until smooth. Heat in microwave 2 minutes, until very smooth. Stir well. Add chocolate chips and stir well until chips are melted into the frosting.

  • Allow to cool to room temperature. Mixture will thicken as it cools. Add more water if a thinner consistency is desired.

  • Spread frosting over the sides of the cake and then Drizzle the remaining frosting over the cake. Top each piece with sprinkles or your favorite chopped nuts. For cupcakes, dip the top of cupcakes in the glaze. Sprinkle with chopped nuts, edible pearls or sprinkles.

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