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Make-Ahead Artisan Bread Using A Brotform Basket Tutorial

Previously on our blog we've explored a Baker's Guide To Artisan Bread . We thought we'd go a little deeper today! Have you ever wondered how professional artisan bread bakers form perfectly rounded loaves consistently? There’s a high chance that they are using a European Banneton proofing basket or German named “Brotform”. Brotform bread proofing rattan baskets are designed to wick moisture away from the surface of the loaf, giving bread a better crust as well as a beautiful shape.

Some of the baskets come with a natural cloth liner, like the ones we have here on our website.

It will depend on how moist your dough is if you decide to use one or not. Usually the moister artisan breads are raised in the bread basket with the well floured cloth liner. These baskets are ideal for both for home use or bread shops. Our Texas Pure Milling Brotform baskets are made of natural rattan and comply with EU food standard. The reusable liner (for very moist doughs) can be removed to wash and clean. The first time you use the brotform basket, lightly mist it with water and sprinkle generously with flour.

After unmolding the bread (see the tutorial below), clean the basket with a stiff brush and store in a clean dry area. Periodically you may hand wash with warm water and keep dry after cleaning, but it is not necessary to wash after each use.

Make-Ahead No-Knead Artisan Bread

6 cups Texas Pure Milling Bread Flour 2 ½ cups lukewarm water 1 tsp. salt 2 tsp. active dry yeast


  • Mix the ingredients in a large bowl just until there are no dry patches. Cover and let rise at room temperature about 2 hours or until doubled in size, then refrigerate for at least two hours or up to 5 days (longer storage enhances the flavor). When you’re ready, shape dough as desired, forming two loaves.

  • Place rounded side down into a well floured 8 inch round Brotform rattan proofing basket.

  • Allow to raise uncovered about 1 hour until doubled.

  • Preheat oven to 400°F. Carefully unmold bread by inverting the basket onto a baking stone (or parchment paper on a bread peel to transfer to the hot oven).

  • Cut (slash) with a sharp knife or scissors.

  • Transfer to the oven. Bake 35-40 minutes until golden brown (at least 195°F internal temperature).yield: 2 loaves

  • Cool completely before slicing.

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