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Oatmeal-Walnut Soda Bread

This yeast-free quick bread is full of flavor and texture. It is completely unlike most Irish Soda Bread recipes that are usually rather doughy heavy breads with a thick crust that is dry, the loaf doesn’t keep well, and it lack flavor as well as complexity . When our chef was developing this recipe, she wanted to have a softer crumb with full flavor that would last a few days. The addition of the soaked oats, buttermilk, butter and sugar added great texture and flavor without making the bread too sweet. The butter helped produce a soft loaf that wasn’t overly rich. Walnuts lend a rich texture and added complimentary crunch to the bread. For a quick bread, this is a winner!

Oatmeal-Walnut Soda Bread

2 ½ cups rolled oats, divided

2 cups buttermilk

3 cups Panhandle Texas Pure Milling All-Purpose Flour, plus more for work surface

½ cup brown sugar

2 tsps. baking soda

2 tsps. Baking powder

1 ½ tsp. salt

¼ cup butter, softened

1 Tbsp. butter, melted

1 cup walnuts, toasted in a pan over medium heat, stirring, until just fragrant, 4 to 5 minutes


  • Wash and sanitize hands, tools and work surfaces.

  • Soak 2 cups rolled oats in buttermilk for 30 minutes. Reserve ½ cup rolled oats for later.

  • Preheat oven to 400°F.

  • Whisk flours, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, and salt in large bowl. With a fork or fingertips, work the softened butter into the flour mixture until it is the texture of coarse crumbs.

  • Add the oat mixture to the flour mixture along with the walnuts. Stir until the dough comes together. Place on a flour-coated work surface and knead 12-14 turns just until the dough is bumpy and cohesive (not smooth or it will be tough).

  • Form dough into an 8-inch round disk about 2-inches high. Sprinkle with a little water and coat with the remaining oatmeal. Place on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Cut a cross shape on the top and bake until browned and internal temperature reads 180°F, 45-55 minutes. After baking, coat with the melted butter and allow to cool 30 minutes before slicing. Keep in an airtight container for best results.

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